Weekend Thoughts: Holiday Road

The other night I fell asleep with the TV on. I had this odd dream about National Lampoon’s Vacation and the John Candy Wally World scene. Very strange. I woke up around 3 a.m. and turned the TV off. I got to thinking about it in the morning and discovered why I was having that dream (or least partly why) …

Man, that’s catchy.

For additional entertainment be sure to check out Rashida Jones singing the “I Love Stuffing” song. Or at hulu.com. She is great. You may remember her in the “Prop 8: The Musical” video featuring Sacramento Community College.

A random post about a dream I had to a Sacramento connection in 8.6 seconds. A new record!

“Cable’s Comment” makes a comeback!

In case you missed this last week, CBS13’s Chris Burrous invited legendary News10 anchor Dick Cable to co-anchor the 9am edition of GDS. Cable reprises his “Cable’s Comment” feature, talking about his life in retirement, living with diabetes, and revealing that he listens to Amy Winehouse on his iPod while running with his dogs. If you’re a Sac nostalgia freak this is the coolest video of the day!

Just something about this town

The Game Guy was YouTubin’ and sent me a “must post immediately.” I present to you Scottish pop group Middle of the Road with their 1971 hit “Sacramento.”

There’s something about the people
That everybody knows
That gives you a tender feeling
Of the future

It’s so true. Music video (hilariously not filmed in Sacramento… is it even about Sacto., CA?) after the jump…

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“Sac Town Raw” a new low for CBS13

Didja catch CBS13’s report last night on “Sac Town Raw”

A local film producer is releasing a very controversial video showing Sacramento teenage girls engaged in vicious fights. It’s called “Sac Town Raw”.

CBS13 spoke with the producer and he says it may be shocking but he’s only reporting what he calls ‘Urban News’.

Sam Shane
Sam Shane
is their leader

Oddly enough I can almost hear CBS13 giving a similar defense to my postings… CBS boldly went on to question whether the videos were even legal, talking to several law enforcement officials who had to admit that unless the video was of an assault (i.e. if the participants are not willing) that the videos were technically not illegal.

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