Local Love

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Sacramento-style with these uniquely delicious ideas:

Chocolate Decadence: The most direct path to your sweetie’s heart is through the stomach. Sacramento has no shortage of phenomenal bakers to treat your honey right. Place your order today to ensure your treats are ready in time!

  • Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates offers sinfully elegant options including their V-day specialty Palet D’Or Entrement Cake for $32 featuring “Maracaibo Venezuelan Chocolate Mousse, layered with Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Dacquois, and Crunchy Chocolate Shortbread.” They also offer melt-your-heart chocolates starting at 6 pieces for $12. If you’re going to buy chocolates, you won’t find any better than these!
  • Freeport Bakery exceeds all expectations for perfectionist pastries. Their Valentine’s options will make you weak in the knees. They’ve got Continue reading “Local Love”

Sudwerk introduces Signature series

Cheers to 20 great years of Sudwerk
As part of their 20th anniversary of brewing award winning lagers, Sudwerk is introducing the S-series of limited release beers. Their first release will be a Dunkel Weiss Bock, which is also their first high octane beer topping out at 8% abv. Sudwerk is describing it as smooth and well-balanced, with the yeast and wheat character of a Hefeweizen, the malty richness of a Dunkel, and the strength of a Bock. Since Sudwerk is one of the best damn producers of German-style beer this side of Munich, I am eagerly waiting to try this out. Release is extremely limited, so don’t dilly dally on this if you want to try it. This beer will be like hossenfeffer; hare today and gone tomorrow.

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Bonn Lair’s Sweet Sixteen

The Bonn Lair is getting all prettied up for her sixteenth birthday party this Saturday and hopes that her friends will come celebrate with her. Since 1994, countless Sacramentans have enjoyed fine pints, funny English food and funny English sport with her (Americans say sports, the British say sport.) and she will be remembering these fun times with a different beer rolled back to 1994 prices every hour. As Miss Manners directs the birthday girl to send her guests home with a keepsake of the occasion, tickets for chances at fabulous prizes will be given with each beer starting at 6pm.

Bonn Lair
16th Anniversary
Saturday, January 30th
3651 J Street

Sac Rag sponsors Sacramento Beer Week

The Sac Rag is happy to announce that we are one of the first sponsors to jump on board to support Sacramento Beer Week. Check out the official website and get on the mailing list to keep updated as more than 100 beer-themed events are added over the next month.

Sacramento Beer Week will not only feature Sacramento’s fantastic local breweries, but will present domestic and international breweries in beer tastings, beer dinners and more. What beer or brewery do you hope to see featured during Sacramento Beer Week?

Kings game to be nationally televised

A Kings-sized mixed message
A Kings-sized mixed message

Tonight’s Kings game versus the Washington Wizards will be nationally televised on ESPN starting at 7:30 p.m.

Much has been made about the dollar beer promotion, but times are tough and folks gotta do what folks gotta do, right?

“Our fans’ response to our dollar beverage promotion including beer, water and soda has been phenomenal,” said Kings co-owner Gavin Maloof. “Sacramento and ARCO Arena will look awesome on national TV tomorrow night.”

Hmm, dollar beer night or dollar beverage night? Come on, guys, own it.

NOTE: Fans will be able to purchase 12-ounce domestic draft brews for $1 through halftime and can purchase two at a time. No word on whether this applies to water and soda, too.

Holiday beer tasting at The Shack

The Shack is kicking off December with their annual Christmas and Holiday Beer Tasting this Tuesday at 6pm. If you have not been to one of The Shack’s Tuesday night parties, you are missing out on Sacramento’s best opportunity to try beer that you have probably never had. Every Tuesday, owners Gary and Jen Sleppy feature anywhere from five to a dozen different beers, frequently with a food pairing for the offering, be it Belgian, German, or other.

This Tuesday, The Shack will offer a dozen different holiday beers, mostly Belgians with a few Americans. Chef Sleppy (that’s Gary) will have a buffet spread of food (bigger than appetizers, smaller than a meal) to accompany the beverages, and patrons will also get to take home a Belgian beer glass, all for $25. If you have not been to The Shack in the four years since the Sleppys have owned it, you are missing out on one of the best American pubs in the area, with handmade food and impeccable selection of beer and wine. I am expecting that the evening will be topped with Gary’s homemade truffles.

Check out the list of the delicious beers they expect to serve. A few others will be added before Tuesday. RSVPs are strongly encouraged.

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Sacramento Beer Week

Mark your calendar for the first annual Sacramento Beer Week, February 24-27 2010!

Following in the footsteps of incredibly successful beer weeks from San Francisco and Philadelphia, Sacramento area beer folks are planning the first annual Sacramento Beer Week for February 24-27, 2010.

This is nothing more than a mark-your-calendar kind of advisory, as this event is still in the early planning phase, but it would be interesting to hear from readers about what kind of events you would be interested in attending. Beer history? Brewing demonstrations? Food and beer parings? Beer sampling? Beer pong tournament? Pub crawl? Beer trivia contest?

If you are interested in hosting an event for Sacramento Beer Week, drop me a line at Stickie(at)sacrag(dot)com with your idea and I’ll pass along any serious inquiries.