CAKE chart topper is death of music industry?

Good news for Sacramento’s own CAKE band, whose new album “Showroom of Compassion” opened at #1 on the Billboard charts for the week! However, it did so by selling only 44,000 copies, the lowest high sales mark in Billboard history (beating out Taylor Swift). McCrea and co shouldn’t get too comfortable in that spot as you know the record won’t last. But still, that’s great for their “comeback album” to get some interest.

I know that I have not bought a compacted disc since the Clinton administration, but I’m also not sweating it. The only development of the new music industry paradigm that worries me is that bands now have to do almost anything but focus on selling records if they want to make money, which could lead to more selling out. For example, there is no way in hockey sticks that Vampire Weekend didn’t have a discussion of whether J Crew or Old Navy commercials would be better suited for their song “Holiday.” (Or is it much less sinister than that? Does Old Navy just go through the record label to purchase a song for their winter launch?)

P.S., yes, I know I used Cake and death in the title of the post. Wasn’t that like 4 years ago now though?

New CAKE video for “Sick of You”

CAKE’s video for the new radio single “Sick of You” showed up on YouTube over the weekend. Here’s what the band says about it:

After years of holding back from using a pair of beautiful rabbit costumes acquired by CAKE long before the Flaming Lips even thought of using their various animal costumes, CAKE has finally decided to use the costumes anyway in their very own home made, self-directed music video! CAKE feels strongly that the rabbit poignantly expresses so much about human hope and frailty that CAKE could no longer restrain themselves. Filmed in one of Sacramento, California’s own richly decorated suburban decay settings, it is CAKE’s sincere hope that our “Sick of You” video and song accurately express the hostile cultural mood currently being enjoyed by so many in the United States today.

You gonna take that, Flaming Lips? Here’s the video. Who can identify the shooting location? Looks like Florin Road to me.

P.S. It got 1000 views in about 15 minutes while I was writing. I think this YouTuby thing is going to take off.

CAKE to play show in Sacramento

From CAKE’s newsletter:

Blue Lamp show tomorrow (Tuesday, October 19th at 9pm) in Sacramento. First come, first served.

As usual, no cameras or recording devices are permitted. Your presence is enough.

CAKE has also announced the release of their new album, “Showroom of Compassion.” We have an outstanding variety of pre-sale bundles to offer!

I wonder how the Facebook group is going to handle this. Ah, yeah. Ah, right.

GreenBeet on TV Tonight!

GreenBeet (that's me) giggling and holding a cake while everyone is hard at work shoveling dirt.

Tune in to the DIY Network tonight at 7:00 PM for a show called Turf War. Tonight’s episode features yours truly.

Turf War is a new reality TV show developed and produced by local company Idea Factory. The show pits two neighbors against each other in a battle for the most picture-perfect yard. As you can imagine, my husband and I aimed for a green-theme in our landscape. In only two days, we seek to transform our backyard from a weed patch to a drought-tolerant thing of beauty.

Will our green lifestyle win out in the end? Can we do it all in just two days? Am I extreme enough to handle the tough competition? Will all my experience in the veggie garden be enough to get me through this show? You can expect lots of drama, intrigue, and sore muscles in a real-life story taking place in my back yard.

For a sneak peak, click here.

Local Love

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Sacramento-style with these uniquely delicious ideas:

Chocolate Decadence: The most direct path to your sweetie’s heart is through the stomach. Sacramento has no shortage of phenomenal bakers to treat your honey right. Place your order today to ensure your treats are ready in time!

  • Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates offers sinfully elegant options including their V-day specialty Palet D’Or Entrement Cake for $32 featuring “Maracaibo Venezuelan Chocolate Mousse, layered with Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Dacquois, and Crunchy Chocolate Shortbread.” They also offer melt-your-heart chocolates starting at 6 pieces for $12. If you’re going to buy chocolates, you won’t find any better than these!
  • Freeport Bakery exceeds all expectations for perfectionist pastries. Their Valentine’s options will make you weak in the knees. They’ve got Continue reading “Local Love”

Sinister Baker Sought in Rock Star Slaying

Murder Suspect
French authorities in Bordeaux are now confirming that the death of John McCrea of the band Cake was no accident, but a gang-style slaying over disputed pastry turf.

Earlier today, the SacRag broke the story of McCrea’s death and the injury of fellow band member Vince DiFiore. We have received word that the French have classified this crime as a murder and are still in search of the suspect. DiFiore has been reported in stable condition but has undergone surgery to remove a vibraslap from his chest that impaled him with monster truck force. Other band members were not injured in the incident, although guitarist Xan McCurdy reports that shortly after the accident, some underage girls stole his beer.

A police sketch of the suspect (pictured above) has been leaked exclusively to the SacRag. French authorities have not gone public with this investigation as they do not want to panic the extensive and influential pastry industry that rules organized crime syndicates throughout the country. Police report to be using bloodhounds to track his distinctive and delicious scent.

Sad News (Updated! High Speed Chase!)

John McCrea R.I.P.A traffic accident has taken the life of John McCrea, lead singer and songwriter for the band Cake. No official statement has been made by the band’s management, but sources close to the Rag report that the incident occurred last night after their sold out show in Bordeaux, France.

Band members were noshing at a patisserie when a delivery van for the business jumped onto the sidewalk and crashed onto the patio seating. McCrea was killed instantly. Trumpeter Vince DiFiore has reportedly been hospitalized, but his condition is unknown.

Continue reading “Sad News (Updated! High Speed Chase!)”