Not all Peet’s Created Equal

We love our Peet’s coffee around these parts, that’s for sure. But even we, at The Sac Rag, may have to admit that the greatest coffee purveyor in America has reached its saturation point.  Point in evidence: the newish Peet’s establishment on Howe Avenue between Hurley and Arden now brews its coffee “to order.” What do you mean, “to order,” you say?

What I mean is that no longer is there fresh, strong-brewed coffee every 30 minutes at this particular Peet’s outlet, nor is there the generous free-cup-of-coffee-if-you-have-to-wait-for-it-to-brew policy. According to the sluggish waif working at the counter, the traffic at this particular store isn’t strong enough to support have coffee always ready to go for customers.

No ready coffee? At a coffee shop? This seems a bit asinine to me, but I guess it saves them money during the slow hours.  Still it seems a huge departure from the ethos of Alfred Peet and his artfully brewed yet simple cups of coffee, always ready to be poured at his Berkeley coffee shop.

What say you raggers and peetniks?

Election Notes 2008

So, how is your voting experience going? Feel free to comment and share your story.

My polling place is being held at an elementary school. Sort of an odd idea to have a steady stream of adults coming and going while school is in session, but that could just be my paranoia.

I was not asked to show ID as I had voted there before. Another interesting one. I guess I see them working, but would it be that much of a time killer to require an ID every election?

What about the folks that hang signs on the overpasses? Or the groups that gather at major intersections during heavy rains and jump in and out of traffic to get their message out there? The hand painted signs with way too much information to make out as you fly by. Wackiness.

Anyone cashed in on the free Starbucks coffee?

Peets alert!

It may not be economic but it's definitely stimulus.
It may not be economic
but it’s definitely stimulus.

Here’s another one for the “things are not as bad as they seem” file.

For all you midtown Peetniks, a new Peets has opened up at the southeast corner of Capitol and Alhambra. You’ll be happy to know there is yet another caffeine option in the area.

So, even though times are tough, apparently the fundamentals of our coffee are strong.

FREE coffee at Starbuck’s today

If you’re not sure what this whole Starbucks thing is all about, or a Peet’s freak eager to sip a free cup of Starbucks and loudly declare it no better than feline urine, or have always wanted a coffee version of a fish market, stop on by your neighborhood Starbucks for a free cup of their newest blend “Pike’s Place Roast” today. Bonus: it’s “purchased ethically,” which I assume means they offer stock options to the beanpickers. Anything less is culturo-economic rape in my opinion.

Peet’s is hiring

You may have noticed that there is a new Peet’s Coffee & Tea going in at 37th and J Street. We “Peetniks” couldn’t be more thrilled with this news. For those of you looking for some additional cash this holiday season, they are currently hiring. While we missed the job fairs dates, you may still submit your resume to

UPDATE: I clearly do not get around much anymore as I’ve been informed that there is another new Peet’s on 20th & J Street (also hiring). I’ll do some more research as it can’t be just a coincidence that both new J street locations are conveniently located right next to a Starbucks. Coffee Wars?

UPDATE II: Ok, so it’s official, Peet’s is moving forward with their attempt at world (er, Sacramento) coffee domination.  Another store is going up on Howe & Hallmark.  Anyone notice the timing with the increase in new stores and the death of Alfred Peet?

The Temporary End of the World: Peet’s Closing

Newsflash:  The Lyon’s Village Peet’s coffee will soon be closing for a major remodel.  Dates and times have not yet been fixed but you can already hear the Country Day moms shrieking with fear.  I join you, CD moms.  What will I do for the weeks that Peet’s will be closed?  Oh wait, I work a block away from their downtown establishment.  Alright, emergency passed, I’m ok.  But it’s still a shock and I’m not sure if the sky will ever be as blue again.

Thank you, Tenebrist, for the info and don’t go blabbin’ to Bob Shallit if you know what’s good for you.

Java City-mouse, Java Country-mouse

(NOTE: This is post #1000!! –Ed.)

Breaking Story: It has come to the attention of the editorial staff at that the Java City in Loehman’s plaza has closed. That’s right, the perennial hangout for the Armenian, Greek and Russian organized crime lackeys in this town has closed.

How could this happen, you ask?  Well, those of us in the gustatory press might say that it was long overdue, since Java City’s coffee tastes like monkey piss mixed with coagulated blood. But, the word from my source across the road at Peet’s is that there were problems with “the lease.”

Nevertheless, this means double the traffic at the Lyon’s center Peet’s, which may make some alterations necessary. On the bright side, my reliable source (Michael) says that the space formerly occupied by JC will now be a branch of the venerable San Francisco institution, Boudin Bakery Cafe. I know, awesome, isn’t it?  I’m looking forward to that chowder in a breadbowl–as long as it doesn’t taste like monkey piss.