State Senate to block Kings Anaheim move? Is this necessary?

CBS13 is reporting that State Sen Steinberg is planning to introduce a measure in the legislature that would “effectively prohibit a California city from signing a contract with a professional sports team unless that team has paid off all its debts to the other city.”

Putting aside the Onion News Network aspect of this kind of legislation, I was under the impression that the loan would already be due in full based on the Maloofs’ existing contractual obligations, and therefore that existing law would probably be sufficient to force the Kings to pay what they owe.

In fact, the way I read the Kings April 1 letter in response to the City’s letter requesting loan pay-off confirmation, the Kings basically agree to abide by the terms of the agreement. I think the media are stirring the pot to make this part of the conversation more saucy than it really is. One is left with the impression that the Maloofs basically said FU to the City when asked to honor their contractual obligations.

But I’m not one to champion the Maloofs grasp of business ethics. What do you say, Kings fans–am I wrong?

CoolDMZ admits having trouble with headline when he, 35, alone

I’m not sure a) why this is at all a news story, b) why it is highly featured on our local newspaper, nor c) why a headline has to be written like this: “Pa. dad denies playing ninja when son, 4, alone.” The only thing I understand about this story is that if somebody saw him doing it, then he obviously wasn’t a real ninja.

Abu Dhabi do a number on Sactown

I’ve never read a more heartless editorial. Steve Dilbeck of Abu Dhabi’s The National seems to think that the Kings woke up last week in Sacramento after a bender and need to get the fuck out of Dodge.

Get this: free agents do not want to live in isolated Sacramento; they do want to live on a bluff overlooking the Pacific.

He sounds like some kind of median income Nazi who only knows about basketball from the dictionary and only knows Sacramento from the map. Don’t they have like, slavery in Abu Dhabi? I’ll take Sacramento, ocean view bluffs or not.

Where is the smartest service staff?

While ordering at what I assume it’s appropriate to call “Camellia McDonald’s” (Folsom and 56th in East Sac) I realized that almost every time I visit that establishment I am struck by the way the young staff is, to put it delicately, unburdened by the pressures of intelligence. I recited my order and this young lady looked up at me for such a long moment that I actually questioned whether I was in the right place.

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Crash tax craziness

Fiat Punto
This guy’s not even from ‘Merica. Cha-ching!!!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Niccolò Caranti

I still can’t believe that 5 humans, not to mention 5 city council members, think an out-of-towner “crash tax” is a good idea. Apparently in California, unless something is specifically illegal, you can find some group of idiots who’ll think it makes sense. And if you need a group of idiots, who better than a roomful of California politicians?

With the chorus of boos around the region about the “crash tax,” including a threatened tit-for-tat response from Yolo County, I am thinking its days are numbered.

In looking around at other instances of “crash tax” in the news I found out that another municipality undergoing such an experiment is none other than New York, New York. However, in the case of the Big Apple it is merely a charge on at-fault drivers for FDNY response to a car crash. Compared to the City Council’s laugher of charging our neighbors this almost makes sense.

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Maloofs open to “all options” for Kings

Regarding what to do with the Kings, dumping them on Anaheim or Vegas is now an option. I can’t really see Anaheimians attending Kings games, but maybe an underwhelming last place basketball team that is currently showing it can waste even a rookie of the year is just what that area needs. It doesn’t sound like the Maloofs are as secure in Vegas as they once were, so if they move there it won’t be for the same reasons it would have been a few years ago. I also can’t see the NBA going for contraction but it would fit the storyline of the day and age we’re in.

It would probably take at least 2 years to move the franchise to Vegas. At this point the grieving process, once the other shoe drops, will only take about 2 days…

Train fire this morning!

Zombie commuter 2
I’ll stop using this photo when it stops being completely accurate.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Digital Sextant

You know, most days my bike-light rail-bike commute is uneventful. (Most days.) When I have complained about the variable length of trains being an inconvenience that I have been complaining somewhat, though not completely, facetiously. If anything it is a compliment to RT that as a daily LRT commuter this is my chief frustration. (At least, if we don’t get started on the fact that I keep buying monthly passes and yet I haven’t been asked for proof of fare payment in over a year.)

So today I was actually thrilled to have been slightly inconvenienced by the light rail train fire at the Starfire station. I had to disembark Watt/Manlove and catch a shuttle to my usual stop. RT was able to scramble shuttles to meet us there instantaneously.

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Hallelujah panic! UPDATE

RonTopofIt just alerted me to this situation at the Roseville Galleria:

Evacuations were ordered at the Westfield Galleria at Roseville Monday night because a “flash mob” by the Sacramento Choral Society brought an overcrowding concern.

The Galleria has had some scary moments recently so I don’t want to make light of that. But a “flash mob by a chorale society” has me thinking Onion article right off the bat. I’m so glad KCRA was on the scene to capture 54 seconds of video of people standing and walking and a voice on the overhead that you can’t hear.

On the other hand, was this really a “flash mob” at all? I’m open to the fact that it can still be a flash mob if it is a group of people only singing and not a group of people doing the dance from “Teenwolf,” but as far as I can tell it was just open to SCSO members so there was really no mob. Don’t mean to split hairs here.

UPDATE: The Bee’s Ed Fletcher is picking up what I am laying down.

“A bit of ‘Wow'” coming to K Street

'But God is like, holding a guitar'

Via Heckasac (now with image banners! but still no hyperlinks) enjoy this Sac Press article on the choice monuments to douchebaggery coming soon to Midtown:

Pizza Rock, with its red neon sign and laser-cut metal flames, seems to burst from between its two sister venues. Filigreed flowers, hearts, stars and butterflies – designed to look like tattoo art – soften the sign, inspired by tattoos worn by Pizza Rock co-owner Tony Gemignani’s wife. LED backlights will be added to give the flame a shadow.

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I’m a victim!

I had to leave my commuter bike locked but unattended at the 59th Street Light Rail Station on Tuesday during working hours. I did remember to remove my front wheel and lock it together with my back wheel, and I remembered to remove my headlamp and computer (odometer, speedometer, etc). However, when I returned to my trusty steed at 5:00 or so, my bike was still there but pretty much everything that was not locked down was gone.

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