Restaurant Mikuni sponsors street fair

Restaurant Mikuni sponsors street fair

MIKUNI restaurant
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This Thursday in Roseville, Mikuni Restaurants will be sponsoring the aptly named “1st Annual Mikuni Japanese Street Festival” at The Fountains lifestyle center to celebrate the opening of its newest location.

“We wanted to do something different in the community to generate awareness of our newest location, Mikuni Kaizen,” said Jeanne Mabry, Vice President of Marketing. “The atmosphere of The Fountains is perfect for an event for all ages to include an evening of Japanese themed entertainment and activities to kick off the summer.”

I suppose if we’re treating The Fountains as a neighborhood, then a restaurant grand opening is the equivalent of a street fair. Oh and by the way Mikuni Kaizen will be open for “normal business hours” during the event and will be open until 9:30 PM.

Hallelujah panic! UPDATE

RonTopofIt just alerted me to this situation at the Roseville Galleria:

Evacuations were ordered at the Westfield Galleria at Roseville Monday night because a “flash mob” by the Sacramento Choral Society brought an overcrowding concern.

The Galleria has had some scary moments recently so I don’t want to make light of that. But a “flash mob by a chorale society” has me thinking Onion article right off the bat. I’m so glad KCRA was on the scene to capture 54 seconds of video of people standing and walking and a voice on the overhead that you can’t hear.

On the other hand, was this really a “flash mob” at all? I’m open to the fact that it can still be a flash mob if it is a group of people only singing and not a group of people doing the dance from “Teenwolf,” but as far as I can tell it was just open to SCSO members so there was really no mob. Don’t mean to split hairs here.

UPDATE: The Bee’s Ed Fletcher is picking up what I am laying down.

Tales from the Octagon

You need somebody watching your back at all times.
You need somebody watching your back at all times.
For those that were not treated to this little gem in Roseville on Thursday night, please to enjoy (INTERESTING TIDBIT: This story was brought to News10’s attention by an anonymous tip from a viewer).

Patrons inside a Roseville Taco Bell got much more than they bargained for Thursday night when a karate instructor walked inside and tried to place one of his employees under citizen’s arrest…”I walked in the front door and I said Riley Lockett, I said you’re under arrest for theiving from me, right now, citizen’s arrest, right now,” Marinoble said.

Boy, sounds like a real tussle. The story continues to get curiouser…

“I did do something really dumb. I went in there and I was stealing money from him because I wasn’t making enough money to pay for my speeding tickets,” Lockett said.

Well, why didn’t you say so? We all know those dang speeding tickets can get pricey. Especially when you’re 17! Man.

As witnessed by the comments at, folks are split on this one. It is a tough call.

What do you think? Should Marinoble have called the police and asked for their assistance in apprehending this youngster? What should happen to the teen? He did confess to the crime and was caught on video.

Beermann’s, Greenhouse closing

Two more area breweries have closed their doors, both in Roseville.

The Greenhouse Restaurant and Brewery shut down earlier this month. They were open for less than a year and had an uphill battle with the high cost of organic beer and sustainable food. Unfortunate, as both the food and the beer were excellent.

This Friday, Beermann’s Beerwerks Brewery will also close. Beermann’s just celebrated their 10th Anniversary and have been operating solely out of their Roseville warehouse after closing their brewpub at the beautiful and historic Empire Ballroom in Lincoln in 2006.

Beermann’s fans should visit this Thursday or Friday between 3 and 8pm for a final brew-ha-ha. Come lift a glass and offer a toast of thanks for 10 years in our community. If you would like to join other beer lovers, the Hop Heads of Sacramento Beer Lovers Union will meet at Beermann’s Thursday at 6pm.

Roseville Restaurant Report Part I: The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse serves no green beerThe Greenhouse is fine organic dining. The Greenhouse is casual comfort food. The Greenhouse is a brewpub. Somehow, all of these statements are true.

Let’s start with the brewpub aspect of The Greenhouse. Brewmaster Kevin Pratt has put together an absolutely stunning lineup of organic beers. Brewed mostly in the English tradition, each beer a textbook example of its type. The brown ale is a perfect brown ale, the blonde a crisp brew, and the stout a rich, creamy, decadent beer made beautifully in the British vein.

I don’t wish to in any way sound conditional in my praise for these beers. They are absolutely brilliant. In a recent visit, I was joined by a group of self-proclaimed beer snobs and all in attendance were either mightily impressed or simply blown away. Kevin is doing some fine work up in Roseville, and The Greenhouse should be a destination for the beer alone. Bring a growler. Continue reading “Roseville Restaurant Report Part I: The Greenhouse”

et tu, Santa?

Not only does Roseville have the better mall, but they’ve now even taken Santa from Sacramento:

The jolly old one will attend holiday events in Roseville on Saturday – including that city’s annual parade – but Sacramento’s annual Santa Parade has been canceled.

The event, always run on the Thanksgiving weekend, has been called off for the first time in the event’s 26-year history, said parade organizer Laurie Hensley.

The decision to cancel the privately organized event was prompted when organizers came up $15,000 short for stages, sound equipment and cash prizes for parade participants, Hensley said.

Sorry Sacto kids, but it looks like your Christmas Eve milk and cookies will go uneaten this year. Santa is off to more lucrative pastures.

In Roseville, however, the Sylvia Besana Annual Holiday Parade is ready to roll at 10 a.m. Saturday.

It will begin at Riverside Avenue and Douglas Boulevard and Vernon Street, proceed along Vernon Street and end behind the Roseville Square shopping center.

Really, Roseville, have you no shame?

UPDATE 11-24-2008: Sac-Eats called it, the Sacto parade is back on after a hefty donation from Mayor-elect KJ. One wonders if Santa was being held as an innocent hostage in some kind of parade-financing dispute.