Now blogging – Midtown Monthly

Another blog to track in the Sac blogosphere, from Midtown Monthly. A few posts are up already, from Heckasac’s Beckler; HK, who must be music writer Heather Klinger; and founders Tim Foster and Liv Moe. Building on Midtown’s arts-food-music-life coverage with a blog seems like a great addition and I wish them luck!

Yogurt + Monkey = Awesome

Not unlike the Ouroboros, frozen yogurt has become today’s version of smoothies, which were the then-updated version of frozen yogurt, which was the answer to hippie elixirs, which were the answer to the malteds, which were the answer to the original Coca Cola (with gen-u-ine narcotics.)

It’s the trite adage that “everything old is new again,” much like the kids who are wearing ’80s fashions (and shame on you for the adults who are — if you’re old enough to remember it from the first time, you’re too old to be wearing it now.)

Here’s what I know now about the local fro-yo joints:

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Tuesday blog roundup

An interesting comment thread about the Bee’s story about health violations at Asian restaurants and the related Bee database on food violations on this Heckasac post Monday about peach pie.

A great post about the Google Street View, including some counterpoint to Scooter’s comments here, on Zokuga, which is a new-since-2008 blog that I think is going to become daily reading for me. Since knowing what I read daily matters to so many people.

Attention blog junkies

A new Sac blog aggregator has hit the market:, “All the blogs fit to wrap”…

Our mission is to elevate the visibility of bloggers in our region by providing a portal where visitors can dive into the blogosphere by either searching for topics of interest or browsing our pre-set categories.

It is handy for discovering new blogs, but unfortunately you cannot subscribe in the handy RSS format. So it loses points on that against IpsoSacto, but it does have a much more limited scope (probably something that will change as it gets off the ground) which actually makes it easier. IpsoSacto can really overload your feed reader because you get blogs that are by Sacramento people that are not necessarily local-only. Also it doesn’t hurt their review that Ours Truly (can I say that?) is all over the Top Ten Blog Posts 🙂

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Sac’s up on Google Street View

Via David Watts Barton’s awesome Sacto/music blog Blogging the Grid, and as blogged previously by RT Rider, it turns out Sacramento was added to Google Street View last week. Neato Speedo! Check it out here. Or follow the jump to see the most blighted block of the grid…

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“Find at SPL” bookmarklet

All this talk of the liberry reminded me of a cool tool that I found on the Sac Public Library’s blog. It is a “Find it at the SPL” bookmarklet (those little “unsafe” bookmark links that run JavaScript in your browser, like “Translate this website into Shizzle-ese” or whathaveyou.) If you’re on a web page, any web page, that lists an ISBN number, this bookmarklet will search the SPL’s catalog for that book. It’s amazing to me that such a task could be so easy, for a site that is as impossible to use as the SPL’s.

Best results for the bookmarklet are found in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser, version 6. 🙂 YMMV.

Maybe the SacBee should “Lighten Up”

There has been quite a bit of attention from the Sacramento Bee about the John McCrea story, and I’ve got a few things to say about it. I appreciate the attention to the SacRag, positive, negative or neutral, but I feel the need to correct a few details that I feel the Bee got wrong.

I think Rachel Leibrock missed on a few points. Call it poetic license, call it journalistic opinion, but I call foul. You may have noticed that there are many things in her 21Q blog entry in quotation marks, which I said, and other things that are not, but are attributed to me as they are accompanied by the words “so says”.

Her headline was “Lighten Up Sac – or so says Sacrag writer”. Well, that sentence implies that I said those words. I did not. I never said that Sacramento should lighten up, mellow out, take a chill pill, calm down, cool it now, or float on (oops, that last one shows my age). In fact, I acknowledged to her that I knew that I was running the risk of offending people with this story.

Another quote from her story is the implication that I said, “Ya’ll should step off, too.” Again, I never said anything to this effect. In fact, I don’t think I have ever used the words “step off” in my life, and I would expect my friends to punch me square in the face if they ever heard me utter this phrase.

Most offending to me is her claim that I feel that “SacRag readers don’t have a very good sense of humor”. Whoa. Damn. I have all sorts of problems with this statement.

First and most important, I never said that, nor did I say anything that implies it. In fact, the readers of the SacRag crack me up. Some comments to stories bug me, but I am still amused by the interaction that occurs on this site.

Second, please look at the comments that were made by readers. A total of six readers made negative comments about the story. Six. According to StatCounter, we had 1,053 unique visitors and 551 click-throughs to the entire story. I know that we have this level of daily traffic (although this was a bit more than usual), so I would never judge the readers of the Rag based upon negative comments from only six readers.

Third, I am not arrogant enough to think that if I write something humorous that others do not find funny, that this means that the dissenting readers are somehow deficient. Different strokes for different folks.

To conclude, I don’t want anyone to think that this article is “sour grapes”. We at the Rag provide media commentary and criticism, just as Rachel does when she writes her 21Q blog. Blogging is not necessarily journalism, as a blog provides opinions, interpretations and spin with more individual freedom than a piece of journalism that is subject to editorial control and a more stringent demand for neutrality and a consideration for a well-rounded presentation of opinions. We at the Rag have already acknowledged our mistake; I hope that our counterparts at the SacBee are big enough to do the same.

Local kitty’s fur has message for mommy

i heart dotIf you read the venerable Boing Boing every day, which you should, you may have seen this post yesterday about a kitty born right here in Sacramento with a marking that looks a lot like “I ” on its fur. The kitten’s mommy’s name is Dottie so it’s ever so adowable.

Too bad, though, that Boing Boing didn’t go straight to News10’s story on the wittle kitty, including the mixed and produced video, instead linking to KAUX out of Texoma, which has a much shorter story and the raw video only, complete with traffic noise and videographers’ voices. And is, you know, in Texoma rather than Sacramento where the wittle kitty wesides.

More fuel for the KJ for mayor fire

Newish Natomas-based “The Buzz” found the Bee’s report today that a representative of Kevin Johnson has “pulled papers” for entering the upcoming election for mayor. KJ still has a few weeks to officially enter the race, or should I say to actually create a race, as otherwise Fargo would run unopposed, I believe.