Are-eye-gee-ayche-tee aye-double you-enn. Right Awn.

Thought I forgot about this little bit, didn’t ya?

Well, actually, I did.  But late last week, after a tip from sources close to the Sac Rag and the media reports that came out the next day, it seemed appropro to throw up a fist and give a shout out.

Last year, Roseville’s Josephine Kao won the Central Valley Spelling Bee, sending her to the National Championships where she made it to Round 4.  While that was an accomplishment in itself, guess what – she just won the Central Valley Bee again:

The Roseville sixth-grader won the 24th annual Central Valley Spelling Bee on Wednesday for the second consecutive year, cementing her status as the region’s top speller.

On May 30, she will head to the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. She competed there last year and finished 45th.

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Right Awn! Friday: Who says door-to-door campaigning doesn’t work?

Right Awn!When people think of heroes, they rarely think of politicians – except for Arnold, who was the Last Action Hero.  He still is. However, per usual, I digress.

As of today, consider Gray Allen (you got his name wrong on your web story, CBS13), who is running for the Placer County Water Board, a local hero:

(CBS 13) ROSEVILLE, Calif. A Roseville woman was pinned down to the ground for four days after her refrigerator fell on top of her in her kitchen, as she fought to stay alive…

Luckily by the fourth day, Greg [sic] Allen, a politician running for the Placer County Water Board, heard Inga’s call for help while going door-to-door campaigning. He found an unlocked door and ran in to save Inga’s life.

Inga Walen, 69, suffered several injuries including a broken collar bone and injuries to both her legs. But, as she says:

…she doesn’t care which political party Allen represents, she’s voting for him either way.

For his part, Gray Allen is not seeing his rescue of Inga Walen with an eye for personal gain:

“I hope the bottom line is to get people to stay in touch with each other,” Allen said.

Further, as the Sac Bee put it:

No one had been checking on her [for three days]. Having a 96-year-old mother, Allen believes sincerely that older people need a safety network. That’s how you know he’s not running for president.

Gray Allen for Placer County Water Board! RIGHT AWN!!

Right Awn! Friday: Squeaky wheel gets greased

Right Awn!There’s something to be said about trying to improve your community.  When Andrea Balcavage complained to city hall that the sidewalks on her street were unusable, she unfortunately learned that the thing to be said was “damn!” – especially when city hall stuck her with a bill for $1,200 when she tried to make a positive difference in her neighbourhood:

After complaining to the city of an uneven sidewalk in front of her home she was later notified of other repairs she was responsible for; her total bill? About $1,200.

“It’s not fair. They’re extorting residents. It’s their trees, how is that my fault?” said Andrea.

Despite her outrage, the city code’s been around for at least 30 years and it’s based on state law.

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Kaiser: On a roll!

When I found myself in need of urgent care after a household accident yesterday (click link at your own risk), my hubby drove me to a local fire station to be checked out by the paramedics. The first station we tried was the one at Havenside and Florin in the Pocket area, and there was nobody around at all (which begs the question of its being a “safe haven” for people to drop off newborns, but that’s a different issue altogether.) The second fire station we tried was the one on 43rd near South Land Park Drive. The paramedics told me to get to the ER, and I knew the closest one under my coverage was Kaiser South on Mack Road.

Keeping my mind off the disgusting nature of my injury, we chatted about what was in store for us once we arrived at Kaiser. We were delightfully surprised.
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Right Awn! Friday: Don’t call it a comeback…


The fair citizens of Sacramento are not without their heros. God knows we certainly have our villains. But, what makes a hero special?

With raised fist, it’s those people who have the burning desire to fan the flames of justice and goodwill that we try to salute each week, here at Right Awn! Friday. And Sacramento, this week, one of our heros has returned…
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Right Awn! Friday: The lion, the assemblyman, and the lawdrobe


Here we go, it’s Right Awn! Friday time!

As many of you are well aware, we like to take this time every week to paws – I mean, pause – and give recognition to someone who may be going the extra mile to make a contribution to society, or just do something worth some kudos.

Rarely do we feel inclined to give a shout out to someone in government. Why? Well first, they aren’t quite the little guy. And second, they rarely do anything for which you write awn about.

But this week? Right Awn! boldly goes where Right Awn! has not gone before…
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