Sacramento Gas Prices

We're beating the USA!

As gas prices are back in the news (blaming Obama? get out!), here’s a reminder about

There many tips out there for saving money on gas, here are a few I enjoyed.

  • Avoid stops. If approaching a red light, see if you can slow down enough to avoid having to actually stop (because you reach the light after it is green). Speeding up from 5 or 10 miles per hour will be easier on the gas than starting from full stop.
  • Anticipate the stop signs and lights. Look far ahead; get to know your usual routes. You can let up on the gas earlier. Coasting to a stop will save the gasoline you would otherwise use maintaining your speed longer. If it just gets you to the end of a line of cars at a red light or a stop sign a few seconds later, it won’t add any time to your trip. Ditto for coasting to lose speed before a highway off-ramp: if it means you catch up with that truck halfway around the curve instead of at the beginning, you haven’t lost any time. In many cities, if you know the streets well, you can time the lights and maintain the appropriate speed to hit all green lights. Usually this is about 35 to 40 MPH.
  • Limit your driving (now that’s a concept!). This article includes ideas such as carpooling, combining trips and taking the first parking spot you find.

I wish folks would adhere to these tips regardless of gas prices. I hate that I get passed aggressively by folks when I try to coast into a stop sign or light.

While we’re talking about it, what do Sacramento drivers do that irritate you?

More hot Sacto action on DDD

Guy Fieri continues his DDD tour of Sacramento at Gatsby’s Diner.

Guido chop!

Guy Fieri continues this season’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives tour of Sacramento with a stop at Gatsby’s Diner tonight. Earlier this season, he stopped at The Golden Bear and business immediately boomed. A similar effect is expected when his visit to Dad’s Kitchen airs in four weeks.

As usual, the food he featured looked great as chef-owners Chuck Caplener and Jerad Nuttall showed off their local examples of homemade dishes and condiments. Guy tried the beet sliders, smoked pork chops, and German beef rouladen.

Since we know he’ll be back, where else should Guy visit in Sacramento? Am I crazy, or does he almost never feature Asian restaurants?

Sacramento Museum Day is coming

Humpty Dumpty Sat On a Wall...
Creative Commons License photo credit: UhDuh
Fairytale Town is on the list!?

The 13th Annual Sacramento Museum Day will be on Saturday, February 5, 2011 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. All participating museums close at 5 p.m. with the last guests admitted at 4 p.m.

From this article:

Though it’s tempting to museum-hop until you drop, realistically you’ll be able to squeeze in only two or three museums on the free day. The museum association also offers the following advice…Expect a wait at the more popular sites such as the Crocker Art Museum, the Sacramento Zoo and the Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park. Park your car and use a free shuttle that services most of the museums on the list.

There are 26 museums participating in this year’s event so this is a good opportunity to visit a museum less traveled.

Lockdown television series features Sacramento

I was skipping through the channels last night when I came across an airing of National Geographic’s Lockdown series.

This episode featured Sacramento, and not in a fun, “hey, we have a lot of trees are close to San Francisco“, way.

Filled with nearly 2,500 inmates accused of everything from drugs to kidnapping to torture, Sacramento County Jail faces a huge problem: maintaining order and control in a highly overcrowded space with a dwindling number of officers.

It was powerful stuff. Using toilets to communicate with other inmates, applying martial arts moves to subdue unruly inmates, it was all there. Shows like this remind me that we are very fortunate to have people in this world who are willing to take on jobs so others don’t have to. For now, of course, as budget cuts continue to dominate the plot lines.

Local Chocolatier Ginger Elizabeth Earns Top Honors

Midtown just got a little more European. The deliciously talented twenty-something chocolatier Ginger Elizabeth, oft famed locally for her gourmet ice cream sandwich treasures and decadent mochas, now ranks among the nations top chocolate makers. The honor was bestowed upon her by Dessert Professional, a magazine for um, dessert professionals. They listed Ginger Elizabeth among the top ten chocolatiers in North America (take that, Canada!).

In her profile for the magazine, Ginger Elizabeth gives a shout out to Sacramento when asked about her personal favorite chocolate: the Meyer Lemon, which she says, “give this chocolate a great local touch.” Indeed!

2010 Holiday Services Schedule (City & County)

I had to look up my local garbage collection schedule recently and came across the holiday schedule for the City of Sacramento.

Be sure to put out your cans as usual and follow collection day parking guidelines. For loose-in-the-street collection for yard waste, please see Residential Garden Refuse & Street Sweeping.

This includes when parking meters take a holiday (Christmas Eve is on the 23rd and Christmas Day is on the 24th to the City). And read the fine print, “No” means “yes, they are enforced.” Here is a detailed PDF of the free, on-street parking locations (previously mentioned by CoolDMZ on November 17th).

I still wish the County offered the “Loose-in-the-Street” program. Or does it just seem more appealing?

For County folks, you’ll have to use the “e-Map-It” service which continues to be a great resource.