Fieri pushing his competition?

Guy FieriI have to think that the new ads for TGI Fridays, featuring Tex Wasabi’s own Guy Fieri (left), are irksome to the employees of Tex Wasabi’s. Why go to some kooky fusion mess (feel free to use that as an album title or band name) that got bad reviews on some local blog when you can go right around the corner to Friday’s for the kooky fusion mess you know and love?

Netflix has no limits (sort of)

Popular video rental company Netflix apparently is offering its subscribers unlimited access to movies and television shows to watch via the Web on their personal computers (NOTE: This feature is only available to folks using IE 6 or higher!).

The feature will be open to all subscribers already on one of their unlimited monthly video rental plans, with no extra charge.

I currently subscribe to the “2 at-a-time (Unlimited)” plan and am still limited to 14 hours of online viewing. But with instant access to A Fish Called Wanda, Real Genius, and Zoolander, who is complaining?

On a local note, it is always fun to check out what folks are viewing in Sacramento (via Netflix)…

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Attention “Reno 911!” fans

Reno 911
Dangle takes down Big Mike

Starting tonight at 2:00 a.m., CW31 will begin airing reruns of “Reno 911!,” the Comedy Central mockumentary-style show about Reno’s bumbling and offensive fictional sheriffs, starting with the show’s pilot episode from 2003. Reruns don’t currently seem to be airing on Comedy Central, so that’s a pretty good deal right there if you’re looking for some fun comedy viewing to tide you over until fall TV starts. Set your DVRs.

Sacramento gets Real (again)

I am not sure how I missed this one (oh, that’s right, I had no idea the show was still on television), but the 38th installment of MTV’s “The Real World” will feature a local gal by the name of Shauvon. Fans of the show might put together that this marks the second consecutive season of the show featuring a Sacramento native. Not to mention the 29th cycle of American’s Next Top Model which included yet another River City product.

So, rather than go on and on about how lame The Real World is or how they simply cast the same “characters” each season, I want to know what you think about Sacramento’s knack for producing reality show contestants. Are we just so diverse and cultured that we can’t help but kick out well rounded, dynamic individuals? Or perhaps our town is just now moving into the mainstream of hip?

How says you, Sacramento?

Like the weather…

Forecasting the weather in Sacramento during the summer months can seem a touch repetitive. Warm this morning, hot in the afternoon, the evening will remain warm. Tomorrow? See today. However, if you are an Internet junkie like me you have no doubt been frustrated with the poor level of detail provided online. That’s not to say that there aren’t enough resources online or 5 day forecasts with sun icons lined up back to back. But, when I am searching the Internet for weather forecasting I’m basically looking for a “cut to the chase” sentence or two. Well, my friends, I have found such a sentence or two at As always, I must disclaim that I’m never first on the scene with anything technology related so please forgive me if this is old news.

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I’ll take “Awkward Photos” for $600…

Carlos and AlexDid anybody else catch Bee columnist Carlos Alcala on “Jeopardy” last night? His take on the appearance from Monday’s Bee is a fun little read.

Carlos, who’s visited the Rag a few times, was up against a 2-day champ, a young grad student from back East. He started the first round off slow but had a great run in double jeopardy that almost put him in the lead. During that run I thought it was notable that he got the champ to change categories a few times. Also I thought it was notable that he started the “Star Wars” category. He was down going into Final Jeopardy (“Who is Nancy Pelosi?”? Seriously, that’s your “final Jeopardy” notable woman?) and since that usually takes a really obscure category to force the leader into a low wager or an actual wrong answer by the leader, he bet big but finished second. Good work, Carlos!

Lost: the local angle

21Q’s Sam McManis beat me to the punch last week on the Lost promos for News10 starring TV’s Sawyer:

He looks into the camera with that Sawyerian smirk and says, “Don’t trust ‘The Others.’ Watch News10.”

The viewer can easily detect the barely-disguised ennui actor Josh Holloway (Sawyer) is nursing having to do promos for every ABC affiliate from here to Baltimore.

Quipped one friend of 21Q: “Yeah, Henry Gale is totally a KCRA guy.”

If you’re a “Lost” fanatic, you’ll get the reference.

Which I technically still am, but I don’t. Even with the ennui it’s still better than those Colusa Casino radio spots starring Carlos Santana.

UPDATE: Sam McManis emails:

Now, the implication by my colleague who made the Henry Gale/KCRA quip was that “The Others” aka “The Man” aka “The Establishment” would watch KCRA whereas the good guys would watch warm-and-fuzzy News10.

Yeah I don’t know why I didn’t get that. Although I like to think that Sawyer would be all over this here weblog, since he is the premiere provider of snark on the island. And thinking of him hunching over a keyboard hunting and pecking is almost as funny as when he wears glasses.