The spots that are hot

This article from the Sacramento Business Journal reminded me of an idea I’ve been thinking about for quite some time. I’d would like for our readers to comment on this post with locations in Sacramento that they know for certain offer free wireless internet service. I know there are tons of sites out there that claim to index these *hotspots* for you, but they are rarely up to date.

I’ll start. I know that Panera Bread offers free Internet service to its customers. I’ve used the one on Howe Avenue many times without fail.

So there you have it, Sacramento. Get out there and find some wifi and report back with your findings. I’ll add a category for this topic (*Free WiFi*) for easy reference later.

UPDATE: Thanks for all of your comments. I think our list is turning out quite nicely. Here’s our Google map.

FREE coffee at Starbuck’s today

If you’re not sure what this whole Starbucks thing is all about, or a Peet’s freak eager to sip a free cup of Starbucks and loudly declare it no better than feline urine, or have always wanted a coffee version of a fish market, stop on by your neighborhood Starbucks for a free cup of their newest blend “Pike’s Place Roast” today. Bonus: it’s “purchased ethically,” which I assume means they offer stock options to the beanpickers. Anything less is culturo-economic rape in my opinion.

FREE fun & educational event for children next Sunday (3/16)

Bring your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or neighbors’ children to next Sunday’s presentation of “The Tale Spinner.”

This is a musical theatre production by the Junior League of Sacramento (JLS) — a women’s volunteer organization that performs hands-on work and trains its members to be leaders. The JLS has been staging its Children’s Theatre productions for more than 60 years, and the JLS has served the Sacramento community for just over 65 years.

What: “The Tale Spinner” — a musical theatre production for children, geared to Pre-K through 3rd grade, but even adults have a lot of fun.

When: Sunday 3/16 with the performance at 2pm — it lasts about 40 minutes, and there will be activities for children after the play

Where: Hiram Johnson High School Auditorium — take U.S. 50 to 65th Street, go south on 65th, turn left on 14th Ave

About 16,000 school children will be seeing this year’s play, which has been running for the past month during the week. Back when school districts had funds for extracurricular activities, upwards of 50,000 children would see it annually. The schools incur costs to bus the children to the production. In recent years, the JLS has received grants specifically for bus transportation from corporate sponsors.

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Weekend events: Museum Day, Harpeth Trace @ The Firehouse

Tom Brady
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Two free events coming up this weekend that I wanted to make sure to mention. First of all, don’t forget Saturday is Museum Day. Free admission to 25 local museums from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Forecast calls for rain at least part of the day on Saturday, possibly in the afternoon, so maybe an after-lunch trip to the train museum will be just what the Dr. ordered for your weekend.

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“Rocky Horror” at Big Screen (West Sac)

I do not, repeat: do not, swing this way but it has been a long time since I have mentioned the Movies on a Big Screen series (which has moved to West Sac, but still) and since the curator mentioned that he’s been lax in getting the word out I wanted to pitch in. Starting Friday at 10 pm Shiny Object will be screening “Rocky Horror Picture Show” in their new location at 600 4th Street in West Sacramento. I have yet to attend an indie flick screening at Shiny Object but I love knowing it is there.

So if you’re into that whole Rocky Horror thing, check out Shiny Object Friday night. And stay away from me and my family. 🙂

Davis Ranch: the best tree bargain around

The Cool family are early Christmas tree people. We are also heavily into Thanksgiving, so care is taken to not go full-bore until Black Friday. But basically as soon as the dishwasher is loaded on Thanksgiving it is Christmas in my house (not that it was my dishwasher).

We are enjoy slaying our own tree, and this year we set our sights on Apple Hill. We missed peak apple season this year so we were excited to make the drive. While there are plenty of lots and a nice website to help you find them, once we got up there we realized the prices are considerably higher up there. Continue reading “Davis Ranch: the best tree bargain around”

The Pumpkin Farm

Reviewing pumpkin patches is a hard racket. Unless the pumpkins are visibly rotting or parking costs more than Arco, you’re pretty much dealing with a numbers game, balancing cost versus amenties until the cows come home. (If they actually have cows though, that’s a definite plus.)

The Pumpkin Farm is located in scenic Citrus Heights, California, otherwise known as that big area out there beyond the mall. But seriously, you find yourself “way out there” in what seems to be Kentucky before you know it.

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Natomas Flooded in Media Controversy

This controversy over free publications makes me think of ripping down someone else’s “Vote for me!” student council campaign sign and replacing it with your own:

A Natomas media rivalry has turned ugly, with owners of two local publications each claiming the other has stolen stacks of the competitor’s periodicals from the rack.

In one case, Natomas Journal publisher Will Craig was caught on surveillance tape in August picking up a stack of N Magazines from the South Natomas Community Center, replacing them with his own newspaper and dumping the rival publication in an outside recycling bin…

Craig said he simply was sending a message to the people connected with N Magazine because he believes they have been stripping his racks for 21 months.

I understand, only remotely, that it’s important to the publishers to tell advertisers what their circulation is and where their publication is offered; however, doesn’t getting rid of the rival’s rag artificially increase the number of publications being taken?

At least he’s recycling them.

Free family movies at Regal Theaters

Wallace & GromitLooking for fun and free stuff to do with the kids on a hot day? Free family movies are back at Regal Cinemas through August. Looks like we missed “Curious George” and “Charlotte’s Web” but there’s still “March of the Penguins” next week and “Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit” the week after. And a few others I don’t care about. Why is “Happy Feet” rated PG? Don’t get me started…

Seating is first-come-first-served and the shows start at 10 a.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday.