More legal questions for KJ

The questions about Kevin Johnson’s past just keep on coming. The SacBee reports on a federal investigation into St. Hope’s suspected misuse of grant money for the AmeriCorps program and of reports of KJ’s inappropriate behavior towards two teenagers.

From 2004-2007, St. Hope received more than $800,000 for their Hood Corps program aimed at leadership development among inner city youth. Last year, federal funding was terminated because half of the youth involved had dropped out. The program is also supposed to be non-religious and completely voluntary, yet former members report that they were required to study the Bible, attend church, and receive communion. Many participants also had trouble with the mandatory “boot camp” style physical fitness training, another activity forbidden by the funding guidelines. Participants were also allegedly required to perform activities outside of the program’s scope, including campaigning for Sacramento City School Board candidates, a major violation of campaign rules and electoral ethics.

If these allegations turn out to be true, they will be a major blow to KJ’s mayoral campaign, as they show that he cannot even manage a simple government grant within the specified rules. And if he cannot do that, how much success will he have with an entire city?

Nail in the coffin for KJ?

The Bee reports this morning that Kevin Johnson’s personal attorney conducted an internal investigation of the allegations brought against KJ by a Sac High student last spring, before notifying law enforcement or CPS. As a result the student recanted before the Sac PD conducted their investigation. According to Sgt. Matt Young, the Sac PD’s investigation was wrapped up in 8 days.

Maybe commenter Jean was right and this was the new angle the Bee was researching. It is unclear to me yet whether the sequence of events did not proceed according to legal SOP in this realm. The lawyer, Kevin Hiestand, claims he did tell the teacher, Erik Jones, to file reports with the police and CPS. Jones claims Hiestand told him the school would investigate first. The girl and her family still claim the story was made up. On the other hand we still have the decade old transcript of the confrontation call. All anybody can really do at this point is assume that the creepy guy in that 1996 phone call was guilty of crossing the same boundaries in 2007.

Hip hop star forgets his line

So I finally caught wind that rapper Kanye West made the classic concert no-no in calling out the wrong city during his show at Arco Arena on Friday.

Kanye quickly apologized on his blog:


I can’t believe I bust a spinal tap! It’s no excuse for this I wish I could sink in a black whole. When I said Seattle and there was no crowd response I was up on my spaceship platform thinking damn… I think I just said the wrong city!!!!! I kind of muffled the words so I was praying nobody really caught it. I guess all those hours that me and Phill spent making my mic clear as possible back fired on me! We had alot of problems with the video servers on the first 3 songs and that completely threw me off! Hey, I’m not perfect. Hope everybody had a good time. I’m a man, I can say it… I’m sorry.

Maybe Kanye heard that Sacramento hates hip hop?

Note: A few commenters on this blog picked up on the “Sac Town” reference. People are funny.

KJ’s comments hurt his defense

The fact that it is not easy for KJ to put this issue to bed is not entirely the fault of the sloppy Sac Bee who published documents dropped off by a political opponent. It is impossible sometimes to discern what KJ is trying to say, to put it mildly. When asked if he paid a settlement to the Phoenix teenager who brought accusations against him in 1996 he said

“I think the important thing, and I’ve always said this all along, is you have to protect the rights of individuals,” Johnson said. “And privacy rights are at first and foremost of what I have to do on a regular basis in this community.”

The Bee correctly points out he doesn’t mention whose privacy. It must not be his own, since a flat “No” answer would be very helpful in clearing this up. I suppose though, since it is not totally established that a settlement request was made, saying No would confirm that there was a request to turn down. I don’t know. It’s true that he has never been charged with anything in these cases, but one wishes that for clarity’s sake, just for once a man accused in a case like this would have more to say than “no charges have been ever assessed toward me.” Something like “I have never acted in an improper manner toward any teenage girl.”

Padilla circulates creepy allegations against KJ

The allegations against Kevin Johnson are definitely troubling. As usual with these things, the truth is almost impossible to discern for those of us who actually want to know it. For example, why are we in Sacramento just supposed to be concerned about the 1995 Phoenix case now and not, say in 2003 when he took over Sacramento High School? Hmm, highly coincidental timing. If it is important now to know that it took place, wasn’t it far more important to know back then when he was taking over a school full of 16-yo girls?

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Maybe the SacBee should “Lighten Up”

There has been quite a bit of attention from the Sacramento Bee about the John McCrea story, and I’ve got a few things to say about it. I appreciate the attention to the SacRag, positive, negative or neutral, but I feel the need to correct a few details that I feel the Bee got wrong.

I think Rachel Leibrock missed on a few points. Call it poetic license, call it journalistic opinion, but I call foul. You may have noticed that there are many things in her 21Q blog entry in quotation marks, which I said, and other things that are not, but are attributed to me as they are accompanied by the words “so says”.

Her headline was “Lighten Up Sac – or so says Sacrag writer”. Well, that sentence implies that I said those words. I did not. I never said that Sacramento should lighten up, mellow out, take a chill pill, calm down, cool it now, or float on (oops, that last one shows my age). In fact, I acknowledged to her that I knew that I was running the risk of offending people with this story.

Another quote from her story is the implication that I said, “Ya’ll should step off, too.” Again, I never said anything to this effect. In fact, I don’t think I have ever used the words “step off” in my life, and I would expect my friends to punch me square in the face if they ever heard me utter this phrase.

Most offending to me is her claim that I feel that “SacRag readers don’t have a very good sense of humor”. Whoa. Damn. I have all sorts of problems with this statement.

First and most important, I never said that, nor did I say anything that implies it. In fact, the readers of the SacRag crack me up. Some comments to stories bug me, but I am still amused by the interaction that occurs on this site.

Second, please look at the comments that were made by readers. A total of six readers made negative comments about the story. Six. According to StatCounter, we had 1,053 unique visitors and 551 click-throughs to the entire story. I know that we have this level of daily traffic (although this was a bit more than usual), so I would never judge the readers of the Rag based upon negative comments from only six readers.

Third, I am not arrogant enough to think that if I write something humorous that others do not find funny, that this means that the dissenting readers are somehow deficient. Different strokes for different folks.

To conclude, I don’t want anyone to think that this article is “sour grapes”. We at the Rag provide media commentary and criticism, just as Rachel does when she writes her 21Q blog. Blogging is not necessarily journalism, as a blog provides opinions, interpretations and spin with more individual freedom than a piece of journalism that is subject to editorial control and a more stringent demand for neutrality and a consideration for a well-rounded presentation of opinions. We at the Rag have already acknowledged our mistake; I hope that our counterparts at the SacBee are big enough to do the same.

Masque Ristorante: Would You Like a BJ with your Osso Buco?

This piece falls in the “total rumor” category as it was told to me by a few friends who live in Serrano.  Apparently there was a bit of a sting operation up the road at Masque Ristorante in El Dorado Hills last week.  It seems that the posh eatery did not only cater to the residents of nearby Serrano and their guests, but also catered to a number of prostitutes who used Masque as home base to troll for wealthy divorcees.  I’m sure that the management of Masque in no way knowingly supported a criminal enterprise and, knowing that they serve an exquisite duck sausage, do not wish to sully their name.

One thing does come to mind, though.  How would you be able to sort out the prostitues from the cougars in any El Dorado Hills bar?

Masque Ristorante-3909 Park Dr, El Dorado Hills

Food*** Atmosphere*** Service**** (pricey, but very hands-on)

San Francisco mayor in you-know-what scandal

Gavin Newsom, creep

I don’t think we want to be in his shadow anymore…

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom issued an apology Thursday following reports that he had an affair between his former assistant, the wife of his campaign manager, who resigned earlier this week.

Via NBC San Diego. An affair between? Please! Just the basic facts are enough!

Local firefighters catch a fire

{In an ongoing attempt to encourage visitor interactivity, the Sac Rag is introducing a new category: Make Us Laugh. From time to time we’ll post a link to a news story that we feel lends itself to humor. Your task is to review the story and submit your punchline or funny commentary. No scoffing (I can see you cynical, at work internet surfers now). Oh, and Runnergirl, please don’t review this bit. Here goes nothing. Literally…}


An alleged marijuana operation went up in smoke Monday after fire destroyed a Sacramento home. Metro Fire Department officials said the home was totally engulfed in flames when they arrived, but they were able to knock the flames down quickly. Officials said that 450 marijuana plants were found…

A rant of another color

Not to get too rant heavy here at the Sac Rag, but please take a notice of the headlines on right now. While everyone seems to be up in arms over this missing woman who was last seen at Thunder Valley Casino last week (uh, her boyfriend waits 2 days to go looking for her? for another post…), no one seems to be talking about (notice how it is 3 stories down on the home page) the Rio Linda Foster Mother who has been missing for eight days! Where’s the 40-45 person search party for this foster mother of three? Well, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department has taken a missing person report. I’ll let you connect the dots here, but I think needs call a quick staff meeting and discuss their priorities.