Watcha’ Doing This Weekend?

In our ever-diligent pursuit to keep you well informed about the stuff that we, The Sac Rag board of directors, are planning to do with our down time, and consequently what you, The Sac Rag Readers, should think about doing with your down time since we, The Sac Rag board of directors, are screwed in to the local scene like a CFL bulb (since we respect a flex alert too), we bring you another edition of “Watcha’ Doing This Weekend?” In this edition we talk about college football, comedy, outdoor sports, the parting of a local celebrity, and cheese. Continue reading “Watcha’ Doing This Weekend?”

California State Fair 2007 – Closing Week

This year, the Fair was a week shorter, so it was harder to cram in every ounce of fun that I usually derive from my season pass. The last week always brings out the heavy hitters on the Golden 1 Stage, and we’ve got some good music coming up.

Tonight – KC and the Sunshine Band (Who among us can resist putting on the boogie shoes?)
Thursday – All American Rejects (You know… for kids. Kids that like to pretend that they have problems)
Friday – The Commodores (No Lionel, but I am willing to bet that they will bring it. And by it, I mean the funk)
Saturday – Amy Hanaiali’i Gilliom (Possibly the #1 performer of Hawaiian music in the world and, reportedly, an amazing vocalist)
Sunday – Chicago (Who really kick ass, ask someone who remembers)
Monday – Weird Al (Do I even need to print his last name? You know who I mean. An amazing show, you won’t be disappointed)

Here are a few quick recommendations to check out:

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Fair Fare

One thing I know to be true about the California State Fair is that there are so many booths, tents, lean-tos, shacks, plazas, pavilions, and chuck wagons, that it would be impossible to eat everything.  So, let’s start with the things that I didn’t even bother trying:  Mexican, Chinese, Greek, Thai, soft serve, cheesesteaks, onion rings, ribs, and corn on the cob.  Why, you ask?  Because, I respond, there’s very little point in chomping down on stuff that’s really, really easy to get anywhere in the city at any time of year.  You only have so much room in your tummy, and I won’t endorse binging and purging (unless it’s for charity), so I suggest that spend your limited stomach resources on the truly unique and special meals.  Here are those things, in no particular order: Continue reading “Fair Fare”

Raging Bulls

OK, I don’t want to turn this into a discussion on whether rodeos are form of animal cruelty — I just want to point your attention to this story from the Bee’s website.

A couple bulls got loose at the fair and trampled an officer who was protecting fair-goers from said bulls. A rodeo clown also saved a young child from certain harm by scooping up the tot and hopping over a fence. The police officer suffered broken ribs, some abrasions, and a minor concussion. The clown remained unscathed (and I presume he piled into a Volkswagen with the rest of the clowns afterwards.)

While all of this had to be truly frightful for those involved and for those who witnessed the incident, I can’t help but smile when reading this quote, “Fair spokesman May said he was not aware of the child’s rescue and did not know the clown’s name.” Jingles? Sunshine? Patches?

It’s not quite as good as a quote about cleaning a chimichanga off a chandelier, but it does come close.

Watcha Doin’ This Weekend?

Here’s a sample of what the Eat’s might be doing this weekend.  What are you doing? 

FRIDAY– State Fair-Day 1: Eating (Especially looking forward to the BBQ Beef sandwiches at “Buns on the Run,” a small stand towards the back of the fair, next to the “kiddie” midway.  Go check it out, the homemade potato chips are divine.)  Also, don’t forget to check out the “Derby Girls.”

SATURDAY-State Fair- Day 2: Animal Extravaganza, 10am Morbid activity “From Dirt to Dish,” how living things are slaughtered for your sustenance, 11am Goat Milking!  2pm Swine Championships ( I have no idea what this entails)

SUNDAY- Recovering from State Fair.  Also, may just go over to Old Ironsides at 9pm to check out the tribute to the Kinks featuring “Baby Grand” among others. 

California State Fair 2007

Friday is opening day for State Fair 2007. While most people only think of rides and fried food, I am a fan of the Fair for the million and one ways that it represents and honors the great people and State of California. To find out what is happening on a day-to-day basis, check out for the daily schedule.

One of my favorite activities is tucking a flask of whiskey in my boot and checking out the bands on the Golden 1 Stage. Here are the next few offerings. Remember that these shows are free with admission, but seating is first come-first served. Reserved seats are available for some extra cash.

Friday 8/17 Tesla
Tuesday 8/21 Huey Lewis and the News
Wednesday 8/22 Daughtry
Thursday 8/23 The Temptations Review

Stay tuned to the SacRag for more reports from the California State Fair.

‘Tis the Season…

for beer festivals! I will be keeping you up to date on all the beer happenings in the area this summer.

Beer festivals are always a good excuse to drink in the name of charity. Also, did you ever notice that almost all of the charities that these fests support are children’s charities? Do you know why we need so many children’s charities? They are too young to drink beer, so people feel sorry for them.

Raley Field Beerfest is being put on for the first time this year as the annual beer fest for the Northern California Brewer’s Guild, which is headed up by Rubicon owner Glynn Phillips. The event is tomorrow, Saturday the 12th. I have no idea what time this event starts as the organizers have done a “less-than-stellar” job at promoting it. Admission includes 10 complementary tastings, more can be purchased. One small suggestion to the NorCal Brewers… You have a web site. Maybe you would, oh, I don’t know, promote your event on your web site?!?!!?!? Promote it somewhere? One more note – No one in their right mind is going to pay almost $9 in Ticketmaster fees for a $25 ticket when we can buy one onsite for $30. Beer patrons, arrive early and anticipate a long line. Expect between 30 and 40 breweries from across Northern California.

The 8th Annual West Coast Brew Fest is the following Saturday, May 19th, from 1-5pm at Miller Park. Notice the handy link to a web site where you can get maps, information, and purchase a ticket with no service charge that is actually $5 cheaper than onsite the day of the event. No tokens, admission gives you unlimited tastes. Expect almost 50 breweries from across the West Coast and beyond.

Drink safely, my friends, and drink only the best.

And, for the love of all that is holy, drink beer to save a child.


Hide your women, horses and cattle.  The Cattlemen are a-comin’, partners!

SACRAMENTO — The California Cattlemen’s Association and California CattleWomen’s Association will be holding their 90th Annual Convention at the DoubleTree Hotel and Convention Center in Sacramento from Nov. 15 — 17.  

This year’s convention features two major fundraising functions — a kickoff dinner and auction for the Livestock Memorial Research Fund, and Protecting Our State’s Stewards, Economy and Environment committees. The fundraisers will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 15.

In addition, the Allied Industries group will be hosting a wine and cheese social prior to the convention kickoff and will follow up with their bingo night on Thursday, Nov. 16.

Proceeds from the function will go towards the Allied Industries Scholarship Program, which last year paid out over $11,000 to California college students. 

Clean-up and deodorizing will continue through the weekend.  If you get cornered by one of these varmints, here’s a primer on Cattleman small talk.  Ask them about the foreign trade of beef, or if California should allow the slaughter of horses for food.  You’ll be in for quite a treat.


Fair Enough

So, the fair is pretty fair this year. I actually greatly enjoyed my day at the fair this week. They’ve revamped a number of items and restored a few that were missing from last year’s festivities. The animals were cute as always (why do they have to be so tasty?), and the mullets were out in force. One major disappointment though came from the bobsled ride. This is the ride where you go around in a circle crushing the person on the outside while ridiculously loud classic rock shatters your eardrums. Well, times are changing my friends. The basic ride hasn’t changed much, other than a paint job that now suggests a surfing theme rather than a bobsled theme, but the atmospere has completely been ruined. Rather than the Ratt and Scorpion and G&R that we were looking forward to, our musical selections were “Over My Head” by The Fray and “Stars are Blind” by Paris Hilton. Let’s just say that sound of Paris Hilton’s highly modified voice at 150 db is not my idea of “Big Fun.” But that’s not what you want to know; you want to know where to get the best lard infused, grease forward, atery hardening goodies that you’ve been waiting all year for. Well, here you go:
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