“Character education is like, the foundation”

The Bee today reports on several area schools that are taking part in local non-profit group Center for Youth Citizenship’s “Free to Learn” program, that helps little students build traits like “caring, giving and service; justice and fairness; leadership, initiative and teamwork; respect; responsibility; and trustworthiness.”

“Character education is, like, the foundation of my classroom,” said Carly Davenport, who teaches fourth grade at Prairie [Elementary, in Elk Grove].

That is like, a really noble goal. (I kid the Carly Davenport. I am a horrible impromptu public speaker.)

In the abstract, I suppose it is good that educators are concerned with building those skills. What sorts of content do they cover to achieve those goals? Continue reading ““Character education is like, the foundation””

Rules of Endangerment

This Ron Artest animal cruelty (allegedly) thing keeps getting curiouser and curiouser. Cbs13.com reported over the weekend that Ron “is no stranger to controversy over the treatment of his jobs” (seriously, Cbs13.com, do you even read your own stories?).

As for Artest’s dog “Socks”, CBS13’s Rafer Weigel reports that the dog is still very thing, but vets do expect the dog to make a full recovery.

Meaning the dog has a lot of long hair covering its eyes? And it walks around with a derby on? Oh wait, that was Cousin It, huh? At any rate, you get my point. When we at the Sac Rag publish a post we are immediately hammered with emails pointing out each typo or grammatical error. But I digress…

It appears that Ron Artest’s neighborhood association adopted new rules over the weekend.

It’s one of dozens of new rules the neighborhood association adopted over the weekend.

Well, Sacramento, you haven’t made us laugh in a long time. How’s-a-bout you let us know what other new rules you think they adopted over the weekend.

It’s hard out there for a pimp my ride

89 Honda Prelude

Dig the Wheel of Fortune “before and after” title? Bonus points if you immediately thought of that when you read it. And by “bonus points” I mean you admit to being a nerd like me who would even think of making such a reference.

Not much to this one, folks. A simple reminder why you all work so hard everyday, braving the traffic, the smog, the high gas prices, only to go home and do it again tomorrow. So that you never wind up being this guy.

Insert song title pun here

In light of the recent success of the Sac Rag’s new category, “Make Us Laugh”, we found another story that may solicit hilarity.

From news10.net:

The City of Stockton has its fingers crossed that the $1 million it’s paying singer Neil Diamond won’t be a “song sung blue” Sunday night.

The City Council revealed Tuesday it has paid Diamond $1 million to perform the first concert at the new arena. The arrangement was secret until The Stockton Record filed a request for the information.

Local firefighters catch a fire

{In an ongoing attempt to encourage visitor interactivity, the Sac Rag is introducing a new category: Make Us Laugh. From time to time we’ll post a link to a news story that we feel lends itself to humor. Your task is to review the story and submit your punchline or funny commentary. No scoffing (I can see you cynical, at work internet surfers now). Oh, and Runnergirl, please don’t review this bit. Here goes nothing. Literally…}

From kcra.com:

An alleged marijuana operation went up in smoke Monday after fire destroyed a Sacramento home. Metro Fire Department officials said the home was totally engulfed in flames when they arrived, but they were able to knock the flames down quickly. Officials said that 450 marijuana plants were found…