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The online scene in Sacramento today is especially entertaining …

From the Home page of

Last week, we brought you a story about an accused shoplifter who used a baby as a shield against law enforcement in the parking lot of a strip mall. We have since learned the alleged shoplifting crime happened inside a Ross store, not a Marshalls as previously reported. We are sorry for any confusion caused by the initial report.

When I first read that story last week I thought, “No way!”, and it turns out my spidey-sense was right. Now, the only confusion I have is about the future of the human race.


Editor’s Note: Comments on this story have been removed because too many users have violated our rules against personal attacks.

And from our very own web log:

Went to Barret Junior High with Lisa Ling. Stuck up snotty bitch who did everything possible to make life hell for the few kids who went there that were poor, like myself. Doesn’t have anything to do with her sister, just wanted to put that out there …

We haven’t had to use it in a while, but I think today it’s worth dusting off …

Stay classy, Sacramento.

Danny Pommells has left KCRA

Danny PommelsI actually learned this first from the scoreboard at Raley Field yesterday: it appears Danny Pommells’ contract was not renewed at KCRA and he has left the station’s sports department. Del Rogers is going to be a one-man show at KCRA.

UPDATE: I want to be clear that from what I have heard, the reason Pommells’ contract was not picked up is that KCRA is reducing its sports staff. Del Rogers, you may want to hook up with RunnerGirl at some point before your contract is up…

News10 still has Bryan and Ryan, and of course Jim Crandell still handles things at Fox40. But after CBS13 let Arran Anderson go a few weeks ago the sports scene is looking worse than ever here in Sacramento.

Sports Show RIP

We heard from a reader named Doug this morning that CBS13’s “The Sports Show” may have been canceled. It looks like that scoop is indeed correct. Arran Anderson’s bio page on is “Page not found,” though Andrew Luria’s is still on there. Reader Doug also wonders whether CBS13/CW31 has canceled all sports coverage in general, which would seem to follow. “Sports Show” pretty much was the entirety of CBS13’s sports coverage. I guess we’ll see this weekend?

They always say these things happen in threes: Kozimor, KWOD, Sports Show…

UPDATE: looks like Anderson and “Sports Show” are gone, but there will still be sports coverage.

Stuffing the ballot box

The cars-crashing-into-buildings news story has long lost its snarkworthiness in these parts, but there’s something special about this one:

K.J.’s Campaign Headquarters Collapses, 2 Hurt

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The building that housed Mayor Kevin Johnson’s 2008 campaign headquarters has partially collapsed following a violent crash this afternoon.

The building located on 2030 16th St., gave way at around 2:20 p.m. Tuesday after two vehicles ? a Volvo sedan and an ICEE delivery truck — collided, sending the truck into the building and apparently into critical supports.

Drivers of both vehicles suffered minor injuries.

The building was thought to be vacant, but rescue personnel have sent a search dog inside to check for possible victims.

Is something afoot? Have people just lost their minds with their 12th election in seven years?

Nah, it’s just Sac being Sac.

Perez Hilton, here I come

Steve Large
Julissa Ortiz

Item! Yesterday afternoon I spotted CBS13’s Steve Large and CW31’s Julissa Ortiz shopping for groceries together at an East Sacramento grocery store. Can picking out avocados be called ‘canoodling’? It’s the scoop of the century…not.

Oh well, the search for actual gossip continues. As a side note, I can see now that being a paparazzo requires a sharp eye, because when people wear baseball caps you cannot tell who they are.

Good Day’s Job Center offers free video resumes

I spend a lot of time poking fun at the antics on Good Day Sacramento and on CBS13/CW31 in general. But I have to admit that Good Day’s new Job Center site contains a fabulous feature: video resumes. The feature, offered by CBS for its local affiliates, allows anybody to come on down to the station and record a short video “resume.” It sure seems like a winner of an idea to me: if a potential employer sees your face and hears you talk before ever bringing you in for an interview, it seems like you’ve got a definite leg up. By the time they meet you face to face, it’ll feel like a second interview.

CBS13 on meth

From the intro to this CBS13 video about a large “Smurf” bust.

Seven people are under arrest in what investigators call an elaborate scheme to make meth.

They can MAKE meth??? Oh boy, now we’re really screwed. What will they think of next?!

I’ll leave it up to y’all to make Smurf jokes. Plus: you may use “smurf” in place of other words that might get you banned.

“Cable’s Comment” makes a comeback!

In case you missed this last week, CBS13’s Chris Burrous invited legendary News10 anchor Dick Cable to co-anchor the 9am edition of GDS. Cable reprises his “Cable’s Comment” feature, talking about his life in retirement, living with diabetes, and revealing that he listens to Amy Winehouse on his iPod while running with his dogs. If you’re a Sac nostalgia freak this is the coolest video of the day!

One squirrel says to the other squirrel

Here’s the second installment of my five part story on squirrels. Watch out Lisa Ling, I’m coming to getcha!

The reports that Redding firefighters are blaming a flaming squirrel for a grass fire that briefly threatened a home.

Firefighters say the squirrel set off the blaze yesterday when it shorted out a power line, caught fire and dropped into dry vegetation. It took eighteen firefighters and six fire engines 20 minutes to battle the one squirrel blaze.

One squirrel blaze! Badda bing! And the squirrel stock photo they used…very rich. If I didn’t know better I would suggest that is making with the jokes.

UPDATE: hasn’t thrown their fun hat into the ring with a, er, nutty squirrel photo.

CBS13’s awesome credit fraud advice

amexCBS13 has some timely advice for victims of the latest credit card scam, which unfortunately has ties to a local sham company. (My transcript from the video below)

CBS13: Criminals actually tapping into credit cards and charging people for things they didn’t buy. … Investigators say these worldwide complains have been traced right back here…. Officials say this could be just the tip of the iceberg…

CBS13: Opening her American Express bill, [Granite Bay resident Amy Galloway] found charges from a company she’d never heard of called 24 Hour Corp.

Galloway: I finally called American Express and said can you check this out?

CBS13: They did, and credited her account….

Barry Goggin, CEO, Better Business Bureau chimes in with some helpful advice:

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