Woodland’s Top Model candidate makes doe eyes at Tyra

Rachel, a native of Woodland, CA, made the cut on the 13th season (I just can’t type “cycle,” I can’t do it!) of “America’s Next Top Model” last night, continuing Norcal’s dominance of the show. (We can also claim blonde-turned brunette Brittany, who hails from from Livermore.) Doe-eyed 19-year old Rachel is one of 13 finalists all under 5′ 7″ ready to claw their way into the industry. Apparently, if you wish to be a model but you are under 67″ tall you may as well also have scaly skin or a prehensile tail.

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The Mentalist comes to Sacramento

the-mentalist-bigWhen I heard that the hit CBS show The Mentalist was coming to Sacramento, I immediately had high hopes for the things that he could accomplish. I imagined him strolling to the Capitol, using his mind tricks to convince our Legislators to compromise instead of sticking to hard line political goals. I saw him hypnotizing the Governor into donating $1000 to the general fund every time he blamed someone else for our budgetary failures rather than using his bully pulpit to encourage California to spend money wisely. I envisioned him using his powers of divination to foresee a Sacramento with sound levees, a bustling K street and a decent taproom downtown. I heard him calling to me in a soft, ethereal voice, “Stickie, I want to cast you in a minor supporting role in my hit television series.”

Which one is the most likely? Unfortunately, it is the last one on that list, as producers of The Mentalist are looking to cast more than 100 Sacramentans for an upcoming shoot. If you would like your shot to appear on a hit show, read on!
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“The Adventures Of The Ganglians And Pete”

Heckasac has a video of Sacramento psych/noise pop band Ganglians playing their song “Hair” on the immortal show “The Adventures of Pete & Pete.” That’s not exactly what’s happening — the video is a mashup of the Ganglians song dubbed over the original track by members of the band Polaris, who did most of the music for the show. (But if you have never seen the members of the band Ganglians, like me, it would have taken you 20 minutes, like me, to figure out what was going on. Good thing I was Ace Blogger on this one and not my usual Post Now Google Shit Later Hack.)

However, the Ganglians song could be from 1994 — it has a sort of California garage mid-90s vibe. It reminds me of Further, an LA band from that era. The Ganglians tune is probably not for everybody, but I dig it a lot.

Beckler claims to be “too old to have watched Pete and Pete” but you’re never too old to enjoy that show. I don’t think I’m younger than Ms. Heckasac, but also I don’t actually think of “Pete and Pete” as something of my past. It seems like one of those things that you’ve either never heard of, or you love it so much you don’t go a week without thinking about it. Right? Right? Anyone?

Doris does digital

Because someone had to get the word out on this thing, Congresswoman Doris Matsui stepped up and sent me an email today detailing tomorrow’s transition to digital television.

As we get ready to switch to digital television, I want you to be prepared. I have provided a series of resources on my website to help answer any questions you may have. Please see my Digital TV Transition Guide if you have any questions or concerns, and please see below for the schedule of transition for each television station in Sacramento:

Thanks, Doris. At least now I won’t be TOTALLY ambushed by this change. On the good side, the mayhem that should ensue will keep our minds off the economy for a few days.

Casting call: “Up All Nite”

nitelifBob Shallit reports that a local film company is holding auditions Saturday for a new local entertainment and nightlife show called “Up All Nite” that will be debuting on April 23.

“It’s ‘Entertainment Tonight’ meets ‘TMZ,’ ” says executive producer Roxanne Avent.

Isn’t that just called “TMZ”? Producers are seeking a female lead to co-host with Sac native Craig Jackson, host of VH1’s “I Love Money,” which I haven’t seen and which I kind of wish I didn’t know existed. Or it is genius, I can’t tell. They are also seeking a score of “reporters” to cover Sacto nightlife. Anybody trying out?

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Sacramentan is America’s Third Top Model

St. Francis H.S. alum Analeigh Tipton finished third in the 11th cycle of America’s Next Top Model tonight, which I believe means that she wins the ceremonial title of Greater Midwest’s Next Top Model and takes the national throne if and when the other two are unable to serve out their terms.

I’m honestly surprised that she didn’t at least finish second, though she did totally blow it toward the end there. I just never thought Samantha would get that far, considering she looked like an Applebee’s server and couldn’t walk on the runway, which as job skills go is crucial when you’re a model. However I have a history of being terrible at calling these things.

Sacramento gets the “Colbert Bump”!

After being twice admonished by reader Brambles for not blogging the KJ appearance on Colbert (I think partly I blanked because it was supposed to be on tonight, and not on the 11th) I finally checked it out. Thank Jeebus for the online television. I myself have gone without cable for a few years now and mostly not had to look back, what with the plethora of online options, and the sublime unintentional comedy of “One Tree Hill.” Next week: a 1920s fantasy episode written by Chad Michael Murray. That is can’t miss TV right there. But I’m digressing…

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What do we think of Analeigh?

The latest iteration of America’s Next Top Model premiered last night with another local product, St. Francis High School grad Analeigh Tipton (the Bee’s Leigh Grogan has been tracking this, of course). As you can see by the photo, Analeigh is 17 feet tall and is a proponent of peace.

In her audition she shared a creepy, funny-scary story about almost being sold to a Saudi prince. One wonders whether that hookup was brought to you by a modeling ad on Craigslist…

Did you see? What did you all think? Personally I think she might be a contender. Also watch out for the awkward Frenchie. Seriously, she looks like if they pick on her she might snap and kill a bitch.

Vote for the Worst!

Fox 40 reported this weekend on the Web site Vote for the Worst, which is arguably the #1 fan site there is for American Idol. Since 2004, Sacramento resident Sean Fromer has run this site which aims to embrace those deliciously bad contestants and keep them on the show as long as possible. For big AI fans, this is the place to go for the snarkiest commentary and breaking AI news.

View the report here