Watt the Heck Is That?

In today’s Bee, the Arden/Carmichael section talks about the new “public art” that decorates the median of Watt Avenue from Butano to El Camino.  Apparently the artistic barrier (it’s really a fence to keep people from j-walking) shows the “symbols and images of the area’s past, present and future.”  This includes fish, birds, and a palm tree made from stone.  Two things stand out here: 1) There is one scene in the piece that shows a four-legged animal that Mrs. Eats and I have a debate going on about.  She says it’s a wolf, I say it’s a goat.  We may need your help with this.  2) Depressingly, the dedication will be held tomorrow in the Wal Mart parking lot, which may be a comment on the future of public art, or the weight given to current art, or the ridiculous gigantor-size of the Wal-Mart parking lot.

World War Z: Where does Sac make its last stand?

zombiesHeyMeg brings up an excellent point today about inevitable zombie attack, one that deserves more than a passing mention. Also it’s Thursday and everybody needs a little pick-me-up on Thursday afternoon. For more clarification I turned to her husband, The Game Guy, who asks:

If Zombies attack, where’s the safest place in Sacramento to hide out/what’s the best escape route.

I mean, contemporary wisdom would say Arden Fair mall, but I don’t think that’s such a great idea – given its land-locked location, and close proximity to soon-to-be jammed freeways.

And K Street Mall is looks like its basically infested with zombies right now, so I think it’s something worth thinking about.

I say secure the levees. Get to high ground.

What Are We Doing This Weekend?

As a counterpoint to the lengthy calendar sections of the local media outlets, we here at the ‘Rag will not inundate you with events and happenings and cultural brouhahas that may not appeal to you.  We will, however, tell you what we, the writers of the Sac Rag, plan to do this weekend.  Please keep in mind that not only are we independently wealthy, but also attractive and tied in to the local scene tighter than a fat chick’s Wranglers.  So, here’s what we’re doing this weekend.  We don’t want to tell you what to do, but be aware, if you choose to join us in any of these outings, you will be a better person for it.

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‘Tis the Season…

for beer festivals! I will be keeping you up to date on all the beer happenings in the area this summer.

Beer festivals are always a good excuse to drink in the name of charity. Also, did you ever notice that almost all of the charities that these fests support are children’s charities? Do you know why we need so many children’s charities? They are too young to drink beer, so people feel sorry for them.

Raley Field Beerfest is being put on for the first time this year as the annual beer fest for the Northern California Brewer’s Guild, which is headed up by Rubicon owner Glynn Phillips. The event is tomorrow, Saturday the 12th. I have no idea what time this event starts as the organizers have done a “less-than-stellar” job at promoting it. Admission includes 10 complementary tastings, more can be purchased. One small suggestion to the NorCal Brewers… You have a web site. Maybe you would, oh, I don’t know, promote your event on your web site?!?!!?!? Promote it somewhere? One more note – No one in their right mind is going to pay almost $9 in Ticketmaster fees for a $25 ticket when we can buy one onsite for $30. Beer patrons, arrive early and anticipate a long line. Expect between 30 and 40 breweries from across Northern California.

The 8th Annual West Coast Brew Fest is the following Saturday, May 19th, from 1-5pm at Miller Park. Notice the handy link to a web site where you can get maps, information, and purchase a ticket with no service charge that is actually $5 cheaper than onsite the day of the event. No tokens, admission gives you unlimited tastes. Expect almost 50 breweries from across the West Coast and beyond.

Drink safely, my friends, and drink only the best.

And, for the love of all that is holy, drink beer to save a child.

“You’re showing your Sacramento”

Once I heard this phrase tonight, I couldn’t wait to get home and write about it. It was stated by the promotions person at Marilyn’s downtown when someone who was involved in our conversation griped about having to park (gasp!) two blocks away. He said, “You’re showing your Sacramento.”

I laughed, knowing exactly what he meant. It was akin to the first time I read the tagline, “If you live here, you’ll know” at the top of the sacrag homepage.

In what ways do you or your loved ones show your Sacramento?

“Man sought after making Virginia Tech-type threats”

Sutter County officials are looking for Jeffery Thomas Carney (oh really, they used his middle name?) because he has reportedly been telling acquaintances that he is planning a shooting rampage that will “make Virginia Tech ‘look mild.'”

This is really scary. I hope they find the guy. If only there were some way to remove the fame aspect from the minds of these psychos. For example, you might be able to prevent that by not rushing out to print whatever deranged rantings they send you, NBC.

My mind is reeling that at no point was there anybody in whatever team put that crap on the air who had the good taste and/or an ounce of brains to put a halt to it. I hope the parents of the victims sue the crap out of NBC.

Long hair: not just for hippies!

Even hair fashion has a local angle… Bee fashion writer Leigh Grogan covers the recent trend of longer hair being acceptable for women of all ages. Which personally I think is a triumph of the human spirit on par with “Babe” the talking pig or The Astronaut Farmer. At first I laughed to see Celine Dion, Gwynneth, Demi Moore (still alive), Nicole Kidman, and then Christina Mendonsa, but I suppose she does have the most fabulous hair among the local celebrity set. Although I was always partial to John Alston, though not in that way


It’s Official, Ken Burns Loves Sacramento

On this morning’s edition of “Fresh Air,” the NPR arts and entertainment interview show, Ken Burns, well-known documentary filmmaker, was interviewed about his upcoming project “The War.” It’s a 15 hour look at WWII done as only Ken Burns can, with serious but enchanting narration, closeups and pans of old photos and interviews with crusty old guys with insanely large eyebrows.  Well, in this morning’s interview, Ken was talking about how this documentary focused specifically on four towns in America and how the war affected the people of those towns.  The four towns he chose were Waterbury, MA, Mobile, AL, Laverne, MN and yes, our fair city of Sacramento.  When asked why he picked Sacramento, he said that it was a true crossroads of the West, combining Asian and especially Japanese communities, political machinations, industry and average Americans.  I love that fact that Ken Burns loves us because, really, I love Ken Burns.

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News10.net to “engage and inform”

News 10’s Sharon Ito will be leaving “News 10 Good Morning” on March 23. She will be replaced by Kelly Jackson from KSDK in St. Louis.

Kelly is replacing Sharon Ito, who is championing a new initiative on news10.net. Sharon is currently developing a new approach to news that will engage and inform internet news users.

I wonder if part of that “new approach” is to proofread stories before publishing (or after even, I’m flexible). At any rate, I’m all for making the news we receive via the Internet engaging and informative. Trail blaze, Sharon, trail blaze!

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The Temporary End of the World: Peet’s Closing

Newsflash:  The Lyon’s Village Peet’s coffee will soon be closing for a major remodel.  Dates and times have not yet been fixed but you can already hear the Country Day moms shrieking with fear.  I join you, CD moms.  What will I do for the weeks that Peet’s will be closed?  Oh wait, I work a block away from their downtown establishment.  Alright, emergency passed, I’m ok.  But it’s still a shock and I’m not sure if the sky will ever be as blue again.

Thank you, Tenebrist, for the info and don’t go blabbin’ to Bob Shallit if you know what’s good for you.